Introducing Bounty Temple, the world's first
P2EE (Play-To-Earn Evolution) game set to revolutionise the Play To Earn space.

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Raid Villages, attack, steal and destroy your opponent's buildings to gain Gold!


Build Your Empire, build and upgrade your buildings to climb the ranks.


Earn Rewards, earn $GIA and a stable income with just 15 minutes of gameplay a day!



Bounty Temple offers in-game items that are recognized as NFTs, serving as valuable resources and components within the game. These resources can be owned, traded, and utilized within the game ecosystem to elevate your overall gameplay experience.



Bounty Temple Monuments (BTM) are NFTs that are required to play Bounty Temple. These mystical monuments are styled after slot machines.



Kraken Founders Runes (K-Runes) are a limited collection of 21,000 NFTs that enhance gameplay with Special Traits and provide the owner with additional earning capabilities.

Guild Resources

Guild Resources

Guild resources are materials obtained through Weekly Guild Wars that will enhance guild wars capabilities. It then can be combined with $GIA to craft items.



Pets are in game companions that will increase your gold multiplier when leveled up with the help of "Pet Food" which can be obtained via the referral system.

P2E Evolution

A fresh concept designed to provide a sustainable and ever-growing ecosystem in the Play-To-Earn space.

Learn more about how Bounty Temple aims to solve the current problems of P2E and its unique features that make it sustainable for years to come.

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BT Introduction

  • Mission & Vision
  • How To Play
  • Whitepaper Update
  • Weekly AMAs (x4)
  • Ambassador/KOL Line Up

Website 2.0 Launch

  • Website 2.0 Launching Campaign
  • Referral System Announcement
  • Referral System Airdrops
  • Token Live Sales Campaign
  • NFT Sales #1
  • AMAs (x4)

Token Launching

  • Cloud Partner Announcement and Migration
  • Token Contract Audited
  • NFT Sales #2
  • ICO Campaign
  • Token Sales Live Campaign
  • AMAs (x3)


  • CMC and CoinGecko Registration
  • Launchpads Campaign
  • NFT Sales #3
  • IEO Offering and Platform
  • AMAs (x4)

TGE, Listing & Public Sale (NFT)

  • TGE
  • CEXs Listing
  • Marketplace Launch
  • Crafting Event
  • NFT Education
  • KOL/Ambassador Content
  • Official NFT Public Sales

Contract Auditing & Open Beta

  • $GIA Token smart contract audit
  • Closed Alpha gameplay (WEB)
  • Open beta gameplay (WEB)
  • Closed alpha iOS & Android release


Alton Lim
Co Founder & CEO

Alton, a serial entrepreneur with a passion for P2E gameplay. He aims to leverage his extensive experience as a Guild Owner and P2E player to make Bounty Temple a game changer in the industry. With a dedication to excellence and a passion for innovation, Alton is leading the charge in shaping the future of GameFi and P2EE gameplay.

  • Business Development
  • Ambitious and Aggressive
  • Fluent in Mandarin speaking
  • P2E Guild owner
Cornelius Ee
Chief Technology Officer

Cornelius, a director of two successful IT companies with a deep understanding of Web3 and a passion for innovation, aims to shift gaming from entertainment to a potential source of income. He brings extensive experience and expertise to Bounty Temple, committed to contributing to Web3.0 space and creating a fair gaming era with secure and accessible investment opportunities for all.

  • Highly skilled IT expert
  • Business Development and Consulting
  • Tech & Web 3.0 Development
Julian Low
Chief Investment Officer

As a trained lawyer and expert in financial law, Julian has secured over USD 1 million in funding rounds and is dedicated to bringing in similar investments to Bounty Temple. With a knack for market trends and navigating complex regulatory frameworks, Julian is focused on driving Bounty Temple's growth and is committed to onboarding like-minded investors.

  • Investments & Financing
  • Sales
  • Fluent in English
Jono Lester
Growth Lead

As a professional race car driver for big names like Ferrari and Lamborghini, Jono brings unique skills and experiences to Bounty Temple. With charisma and insights, he's dedicated to growing the brand and spreading awareness of GameFi's potential to gamers and crypto enthusiasts all around the world.

  • Charismatic & Eloquent
  • The face of Bounty Temple
  • Brand ambassador for Sony & Petronas
  • Fluent in English speaking


Sky Wee
Top Gaming/Crypto Influencer with more
than 4 million followers

Sky Wee is the Top Crypto/Gaming Influencer in South-East Asia as a with over 4 Million followers combined.

He Has worked with reputable brands such as CoinMarketCap, Gods Unchained, Tencent, ByteDance, LilithGames, Samsung, Marriott Bonvoy, miHoYo, and many more, leading the pack and setting the standards of content elevation in the industry.

He is the Official Influencer of CoinMarketCap, Binance, Huobi Global, MEXC Global and Advisor.

Ken Nizam
Founder & CEO AsiaTokenFund Group

Ken is a serial entrepreneur, investor & business consultant with expertise in Fintech, Blockchain & Web3 space.

Founder of Southeast Asia leading blockchain media, accelerator & venture builder AsiaTokenFund Group, Ken has been in the blockchain & Fintech space since 2017 and started off his first stint as the Co-Founder, COO & CMO of Singapore’s first BNPL-mobile payment fintech startup backed by Shanghai Venture Capital which acquire over 5 million users within its first year & raised a USD 10M Series A.

Robbie Jeo
CEO of Kommunitas

Robbie Jeo, dynamic CEO of Kommunitas, recognized by Coinvestasi for advancing Indonesia's crypto scene. A fast learner and blockchain enthusiast, he leads a Top 10 IDO platform, blending business prowess with a passion for yoga, coffee, and global connections. Innovative, holistic, and an Honorable Mention awardee.

Evan Luthra
Tech Maestro, Visionary
Entrepreneur, and NFT Enthusiast

Introducing Evan Luthra: a Visionary Entrepreneur and Tech Maestro. Recognized under Forbes 30 Under 30. He created 30+ apps before 17, fueled 500+ Web3 companies with a market cap of $100B USD as an Angel Investor.

🎤 Global TEDx speaker
📝 Has 2.3+ million followers on IG
💰 Evan is a founding partner at KOL Capital


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